piatok, novembra 05, 2010


You'd be happy, if I kissed the ground you walk
I'm from the moon and I can't talk
I'm the obscene queen and the destroyer
My pain could become your follower

I would lie, if you liked it
You could cry, but don't try to stop it
I would die, if it hurt well
'cos I know that you like my yell

I will scratch your back, drink your tears
I won't help you get out of your fears
I'll bite you, rip your neck
Peel your skin, until you'll in black

Burning with passion, breaking my spell
but you can't get out, out of yourself
I'd like to continue with all those thrills
I'd like to scrunch your heart with my high heels

Tattoo me in your memories forever
You'd fade out of my sick mind if you were a little bit clever
Go away, and let the fire glow
you could start again my little freak show